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Our Wine Selection

Wine is available by the glass
as well as the bottle.

Our wines are made from the most fresh and ripe fruit available in this area. No concentrates are used in the production of our wines.

Please call or email for in-state (IOWA) shipping. We are currently not shipping out of the state due to recent law changes. Please contact us at 515-962-2236 or

Our wines are also available at the retail locations listed here.

We are working on several new varieties, please stop by and give us your opinion.  Although the new varieties are not for sale, we like to have customers try them to let us know if they are worth pursuing.

The amount and varieties of wine, however, depend on the year and the availability of fruit. Any one year may see some fruits being more plentiful than others.

We offer a variety of fruit wines. In an average year, you may find the following varieties available:

American WildA Concord based light red wine.
Food Suggestion: Pasta in red sauce
Aronia-SweetA gently sweetened wine that brings out the aronia flavors.
Food Suggestion: Sharp cheeses and Mexican
Casa Di ZoliAn "Italian Style" sweet wine with a Moscatto finish.
Food Suggestion: Mild cheese, salads, fresh vegetables
CurrantA blush style wine from locally grown currants.
Food Suggestion: Salads and vegetables
First ExpressionA unique grape wine with fruity overtones. Makes a great "party wine".
Food Suggestion: Pasta and hors d' oeurves.
In The MoodA fortified sweet red dessert wine (port style).
Food Suggestion: As dessert after any meal
RaspberryRed raspberry: Just like you picked fresh berries
Food Suggestion: Cheesecake, desserts
RhubarbA traditional Iowa farm wine.
Food Suggestion: Cheeses
Sweet CynsationOne of the best, crafted from our Norton Cynthiana grapes
Food Suggestion: Pasta in red sauce, dessert, red meats
AppleA wine made from Iowa grown apples.
Food Suggestion: Game birds, turkey, pheasant quail.
Aronia ElderberryBottled for Sawmill Hollow, crafted from high anti-oxidant Aronia berries, blended with Elderberry wine.
Food Suggestion: BBQ and desserts
Aronia WineA unique wine, berries grown at Sawmill Hallow Organic Farm near Missouri Valley, IA
Food Suggestion: Wild game and strong cheeses
Autumn HarvestA delightful wine made from a blend of peaches and pears.
Food Suggestion: Salads, pasta in cream sauce, seafood
BlackberryA lightly sweetened blackberry wine that has great flavors.
Food Suggestion: Cheesecake and appetizers
CherryA bright red wine that will remind you of homemade cherry pie.
Food Suggestion: Pork, ham, cheesecake
EdelweissA white wine with its own distinctive flavors and finish.
Food Suggestion: Salmon, light hors d'oeurves
ElderberryA dark-thick earthy-style wine. We call it a "Poor man's Port".
Food Suggestion: Grilled meats
Honey-BlackberryA nice blend of sweet and tart. Great for parties or social gatherings.
Food Suggestion: chocolate
Prima RosaA full-bodied blush wine made from a blend of 2 locally grown grapes.
Food Suggestion: vegetables, shellfish, pork and chicken
Sweet Corn CobCrafted from fresh Iowa sweet corn cobs
Food Suggestion: Enjoy margarita-style with salt on the rim of glass
Swenson MillA medium-bodied wine made from Marechal Foche and Leon Millot grapes. An easy drinking wine not too dry or too sweet.
Food Suggestion: Grilled meats, beef and Italian
American Cynthiana Our bold, deep red wine with fantastic fruity characteristics, the "Merlot of the Mid-west"
Food Suggestion: Great with anything chocolate
Aronia - RedA unique wine, berries grown at Sawmill Hallow Organic Farm near Missouri Valley, IA
Food Suggestion: Pizza, steak, eggplant parmigiana
GooseberryA fragile white wine with its own unique "Riesling" taste.
Food Suggestion: Game birds, turkey, pheasant, quail
La Vida Loca RedOur (Award Winning) bold red wine made from locally grown grapes.
Food Suggestion: Grilled meats, beef, lasagna or spaghetti
La Vida Loca Red ReserveA superb red wine blended with Cynthiana, Frontenac and marachal Foch grapes.
Food Suggestion: Steak, fillet mignon, pasta with red sauce, chili
La Vida Loca WhiteA blend of locally grown white grapes with a faux sweet start and a clean dry finish.
Food Suggestion: Poultry, fish and pork
La Vida Loca White ReserveOur very own Okinagan White grapes with a fantastic Riesling finish.
Food Suggestion: Shrimp/broccoli Alfredo, white chili, crab legs
Main SqueezeAn off-dry white made with locally grown Frontanec Gris and Espirit.
Food Suggestion: Pork and pasta
Viva la VignolesA crisp, refreshing white wine from locally grown Vignoles grapes
Food Suggestion: Fish tacos, chicken cordon-bleu, seafood stir-fry
Cooking Wines 
Basil-RaisinSmells like you just picked it fresh, a light, lovely cooking wine.
Food Suggestion: Salads and soups
Cilantro-RaisinGarden fresh with a hint of Cilantro
Food Suggestion: Soups and Mexican
Garlic-RaisinA terrific marinating/cooking wine.
Food Suggestion: Game meat, venison
Jalapeño-RaisinJalapeño all the way! Fabulous for marinating and cooking!
Food Suggestion: Anything and Everything!
Onion-RaisinA great cooking wine.
Food Suggestion: French-onion soup
Rosemary RaisinA wonderfully aromatic wine that will add to any dish.
Food Suggestion: Poultry and dressings

*Some wines may be unavailable during the year.

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